Yamaha & Kawai Silent Pianos

For pianists who need a lot of practice, silent pianos are fantastic! You can play whenever you want if your piano has a silent system! A mute rail will halt the hammers just before they strike the strings once your silent system is turned on and your headphones are hooked in, and sensors under the keys will translate each keystroke into data sent to your headphones. The silent piano is a wonder of modern engineering. It enables musicians to practice without bothering anyone around or their neighbors. Silent pianos employ sensors to track the movement of the keys and pedals, unlike conventional pianos, which generate sound by striking strings with hammers. The sound module receives this data and uses it to simulate the sound of a piano through headphones or speakers.

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One of the biggest advantages of a silent piano is its versatility. Musicians can switch between traditional and digital piano sounds, such as electric pianos, organs, and harpsichords. This allows them to experiment with different styles and genres of music without having to purchase multiple instruments. Another advantage of a silent piano is its compact size. Traditional pianos can occupy a lot of space in a room due to their size, weight, and size. Contrarily, silent pianos are much lighter and smaller, perfect for practice rooms or small flats. Some musicians hesitate to move to silent pianos despite their many benefits, expressing worries about the feel and touch of the keys. Even though silent pianos don’t give the same tactile input as regular pianos, most players find they can get used to the differences with some practice.

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Yamaha Silent Pianos

In 1993, Yamaha introduced the first silent piano. This allowed the pianist to turn off the acoustic piano and play while using headphones to listen to a digitally produced piano voice. The sampled sound of one of today’s Silent Pianos is almost identical to the real thing because of improvements in technology-related sound quality. The finest characteristics of a piano’s acoustic tone can be reproduced in incredibly comprehensive instrument samples. In addition, the actual mechanism is effortless to use. A carefully placed bar known as the “hammer stop rail” prevents the hammers from striking the strings, rendering the piano “Silent,” while sensors built into the keyboard and action of the piano activate samples of the acoustic piano.

Additionally, there are 20 distinct automatic percussion and bass accompaniments for you to play along with! You can record up to 10 performances and play them back if you wish to listen to your compositions again. You may also use Bluetooth to connect to the Smart Pianist app, where you can play pre-loaded music, change the volume and tone, and more. Yamaha’s more sophisticated silent pianos use a non-contact hammer and pedal sensors to detect every nuance of your playing, resulting in more accurate performance reproduction.

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Kawai Silent Pianos

The Kawai Silent Piano was invented in the 1990s and has continuously improved. Its innovative technology has made it popular among musicians and piano enthusiasts. Many upright and grand piano models use Kawai quiet systems as standard equipment. These are called “silent pianos” since they may be played acoustically and in silence. This implies that you can use headphones at any time to practice!

You will hear the piano as a digital sound through your headphones and have the sound of an SK-EX concert grand piano at your fingertips when the muting technology stops the hammers just before they touch the strings. Thanks to the integrated hammer-detecting system, your playing will be recorded as accurately as possible, enabling you to play more fluidly with a responsive touch and express the entire dynamic range.

The AURES2, ATX3L, and ATX4! The sound samples available on these Kawai silent systems include electric pianos, church organs, strings, choirs, and synths. You may also transpose the sounds and utilize a metronome. You can also alter the reverb to give yourself the feeling of being in a tiny practice space or cathedral! Two individuals can also enjoy using any of these silent systems by using two sets of headphones.

The HP702 is a stylish piano that performs at a high level in your home. Practice in night while listening to the Headphone’s 3D Ambience function. Use Bluetooth to wirelessly stream music and app audio, or use the in-app instructions to hone your playing.

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