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Steinway S-155 Dark Brown

  • Brand
  • Type
    Grand Piano
  • SKU
  • Warrenty
    3 Year
  • Colour
    Dark Brown
  • Size

224,700 AED

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Buy Steinway S-155 Dark Brown

Buy Steinway S-155 Dark Brown piano in Dubai. Like All Steinway Grand Pianos, The S-155 Contains The Passion And Expertise Of Our Skilled Craftsmen And Craftswomen. Developed In 1930, This Grand Piano Proves Anyone Can Find Their Own Way To Express Themselves On A Steinway. The Model Steinway Grand Piano S-155 is Especially Popular Because It Fits Into Virtually Any Home. It Is A Match For Our Larger M-170 And O-180 Baby Grand Piano, Because When It Comes To Sound And Touch, A Steinway Will Always Be A Steinway.

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This piano has a width of 146.5 cm, a length of 155 cm, and weighs 267 kg. It’s considered a “baby” grand piano and was first introduced in the 1930s. Despite its smaller size, it produces a powerful and rich tone similar to that of larger pianos. It’s handcrafted using the same materials and techniques as Steinway concert grand pianos. This piano is perfect for any room as it can fit almost anywhere.


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