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The Role of Playing Piano in Music Therapy

Music therapy is the clinical application of music to achieve specific objectives, including stress reduction, mood enhancement, and self-expression. It is a well-known, evidence-based therapy in the medical field. Listening to music, performing, playing an instrument, or composing music during music therapy sessions is possible. It is optional to have musical aptitudes or skills to participate.

The piano is one of the most often utilized instruments in music therapy. With its versatility, the piano may be utilized to create a variety of musical genres, from jazz to classical and everything in between. This article will examine the advantages, methods, and ways the piano can be used in music therapy to assist patients in achieving their therapeutic objectives.

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Benefits of Playing Piano in Music Therapy

The piano has numerous benefits in music therapy. Firstly, playing the piano requires both hands, which can help improve fine motor skills and coordination. This is particularly beneficial for people who have suffered a stroke or have a neurological condition that affects their motor skills. Additionally, playing the piano can help improve cognitive skills such as memory, attention, and concentration. It can also improve emotional regulation, as playing the piano can be calming and soothing.

A music therapist may play the piano for their patients during a session, playing well-known music and asking the patients to identify the song or describe how the melody makes them feel. It presents a bigger cognitive difficulty to identify the song from the melody alone than hearing the words. However, it can encourage expression and help them recollect memories by asking the client to describe how the melody makes them feel.

History and objectives: Throughout ancient times, people have employed music as a non-pharmacological therapeutic method for a variety of ailments. Modern medicine has paid attention to it in recent decades, especially concerning the elderly. As a result, much research is on how music affects mood and cognition. The current case report seeks to demonstrate the advantages of musical activities for the elderly.

Using a single piano playing session describes a realistic therapy outcome for an old patient in a geriatric psychiatric ward. Results: After just one piano lesson, an older patient’s mood and cognitive function improved quickly and persistently. Notwithstanding the drawbacks of one subject, an uncontrolled case study, the outcome was noteworthy.

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Piano-Based Music Therapy Approaches

Piano-based music therapy employs various methods, such as improvisation, songwriting, and playing previously composed music. The individual is urged to play the piano freely and without preconceived assumptions or expectations when using improvisation. Although playing the piano may be a form of self-expression, this method can benefit people who find it difficult to communicate verbally.

Another method in piano-based music therapy is songwriting. The patient is urged to write their own songs so they can more freely and creatively communicate their emotions and feelings. This strategy might be helpful for people struggling to express themselves vocally.

Finally, one strategy involves playing tunes that the patient is already familiar with. Memory, concentration, and other cognitive abilities can all be enhanced using this approach. Also, it can be utilized to arouse feelings and memories connected to particular songs, which is helpful for the therapeutic process.

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Piano-based Group Music Therapy

Group music therapy sessions can also use the piano. Group music therapy is particularly successful at encouraging social contact and enhancing communication skills. People can learn to cooperate and communicate successfully by playing the piano together in a group setting. Instilling a sense of belonging and community among group members is another purpose.

Although many different instruments are available for patients to use at the clinic, including the voice, “approximately 40 to 50 percent” of them utilize the piano. After completing their therapy, some adult patients continued their piano studies. The piano and its fantastic beauty and music give the human spirit numerous blessings by fostering creativity, healing, or rest.

Finally, the conclusion is.

The piano is a flexible instrument that can be used in music therapy in a number of different ways. It enhances cognitive abilities, emotional control, and fine motor skills, among other things. Piano-based music therapy can make use of improvisational skills, songwriting, and performing already recorded music. The piano can also be utilized in group music therapy sessions to encourage social contact and enhance communication skills. Ultimately, the piano is a fantastic tool that music therapists can use to assist clients in achieving their therapeutic objectives.

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Summing Up

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