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Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Piano

Investing in a piano can make music a delightful part of your daily existence. However, there are some mistakes to avoid when buying one.

Not Establishing a Clear Budget

One of people’s most significant blunders when purchasing a piano is failing to define their budget. This oversight can lead to two critical issues: over-buying or under-buying. By understanding your budget in advance, you can avoid having a piano that falls far below your requirements or exceeds your financial capacity. Pianos come in a wide price range, from affordable digital and upright options to top-tier concert-style grand pianos. Knowing your limits is essential whether you’re planning to pay in cash or opting for financing.

Settling for a Low-Quality Piano

This is a mistake, though. Cheap pianos frequently go out of tune, have poor touch and sound, and sometimes even have physical issues. This can lead to frustration during your learning journey, fostering poor habits and hindering your progress. Whether you’re considering a digital or acoustic piano, it’s vital to select one of reasonable quality, even for your first purchase.

Longer soundboards generally indicate better quality, making studio upright pianos preferable to petite baby grand pianos. Look for pianos with wood cores rather than foam cores. Wood core pianos tend to offer superior sound and longevity. Opt for well-known brand names like Yamaha, Steiner, Roland, or Clavinova (by Yamaha). Even in the used piano market, reputable brands often outperform lesser-known, low-quality alternatives.

Assess key responsiveness across the keyboard’s range, ensuring they play softly when lightly pressed and loudly when struck firmly. A lower-quality piano may fail to produce the desired sound dynamics.

A digital piano is a superior choice if your budget only allows for a small, low-quality spinet piano or one that has undergone significant wear and tear. High-quality digital pianos, such as Yamaha Clavinovas, are exceptional instruments. They offer full keyboards, weighted keys, remarkable instrument voice samples, and top-notch sound production, ensuring a reliable, high-quality performance.

Digital pianos can be ideal for families with budding pianists. If you have children just beginning their piano journey and are concerned about maintaining their interest, a digital piano can be a valuable option. These instruments have various instrument sounds, built-in metronomes, backup tracks, app compatibility, and more. These features engage young learners, even in their early musical education stages.

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Overlooking the Potential of Used Pianos

Another common oversight is neglecting the possibility of purchasing a used piano. Acoustic pianos, especially those from reputable brands, hold their value remarkably well over time. When contemplating whether to buy a brand-new piano or a used one, consider the following: If the choice is between a new, no-name, or low-quality baby grand and a used Yamaha grand piano, the latter from a renowned brand may offer a superior instrument.

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Failing to Explore Financing Options

If you’re new to the world of pianos, the cost of your dream instrument might initially seem staggering. Pianos are indeed a substantial financial investment, particularly when it comes to high-quality acoustic pianos. However, most piano companies offer financing options to help you afford the piano that best suits your needs. Don’t let sticker shock deter you from obtaining the ideal piano for your musical journey.

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Overlooking Dealer

In addition to the type of piano you choose, it’s equally crucial to research the dealer you intend to purchase from. Online reviews of piano dealers can provide valuable insights into previous customers’ experiences. Make sure there are a sufficient number of reviews, and take the time to read them thoroughly to ascertain the dealer’s reputation. A reputable piano dealer will offer a wide selection of new, used, and digital pianos. They will also patiently guide you through the selection journey, helping you find the best piano for your specific needs.

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Not Inquiring About Special Pricing or Promotions

While piano dealers may have occasional official sales, they also frequently offer pricing or financing promotions that may be less widely advertised. When engaging with a piano dealer, don’t hesitate to inquire about any special pricing or promotions that could save you money or provide an opportunity to acquire a higher-tier piano than you initially considered.

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Not Testing the Piano Before Purchase

This step can be intimidating, especially if you need experience playing pianos. However, regardless of your skill level, spending some time at the piano you’re contemplating buying is essential. Each piano possesses a unique feel and sound; testing it firsthand allows you to determine whether it resonates with you.

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