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How Long It Will Take to Learn the Piano

Unexpectedly, some people pose this query before starting their practice. For example, you may be getting started and want to know how long it will take to learn the Piano. How quickly can you advance to the point where you can perform your beloved song?

The short response is that you will master the Piano more quickly the more time and effort you put into it. An expert pianist will, however, first ask you several inquiries. How good a guitarist is you right now, for instance? How long do you spend working out? Are you learning the Piano? What standard of expertise are you aiming for?

The lack of time is one of the main barriers keeping some people from learning the Piano. Many people think finding time to practice the Piano will be challenging or that it is too difficult.

It would take you one month or even less to learn how to play the Piano, get comfortable with the keys, and learn a few simple melodies if you are good at multitasking and have a sense of cadence. If you don’t have those abilities, learning the Piano could take up to six months. However, if you dedicate enough time to it—say, five to six hours per day—you can master the instrument entirely in months.

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Make Plans Rather Than Deadlines.

It’s understandable to want to know how long learning to perform the Piano will take if you’re interested. However, once you begin your classes, you must be relaxed about completing them quickly or meeting goals. The truth is that mastering the keyboard should be a voyage rather than a finish line. And if you take that attitude, everything will be simpler. Indeed, it’s crucial to establish specific objectives. But you should also set attainable objectives.

And making a plan and following it is equally crucial. Of course, it’s only the end of the world if you remember a day. But it’s crucial to establish good studying practices. The only method to improve your abilities is in this manner.

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Make Timetable and Practice Exercises

It’s possible to pick up the basics of playing within two months, a reasonably quick procedure. These entails holding sounds, mastering chords, and scales, and learning simple keyboard pieces. Since you are still learning the basics, coordinating both limbs must be put in your grasp. You’re only beginning to study music theory, but it’s already very advanced and complicated.

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New to Piano

A novice pianist should have a strong sense of rhythm, be familiar with all the Piano’s notes, and understand the fundamentals of music theory. Reaching the novice level, becoming comfortable with the keyboard, learning to multitask, and learning the fundamentals of music theory, such as note values, takes about a month. If you exercise less frequently, lack cadence, or lack excellent motor coordination, it could also take up to six months.

You will also pick up fundamental skills at this level, such as how to hold yourself and move your wrists correctly, perform at a slow tempo while using both hands, and learn piano songs. In addition, a novice pianist should be able to perform simple melodies.

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Intermediate Level

The beginner level and this stage are very comparable. Only that you should perform songs more quickly and with both palms. Additionally, it would be ideal if you began using keyboard pedals. It would help if you improved your motor, rhythmic, and technical abilities because the feet will also be engaged in this, in addition to the limbs. You ought to have developed your ear well enough to recognize harmonies by hearing the sounds. You should also be familiar with more complicated ideas, such as complex rhythmic rhythms and scales that reach two or three octaves in most keys.

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Advanced Level

An advanced learner is enrolled in or attending a music school, institute, or college. This person takes their instrument seriously and dedicates substantial time to practicing. Works from the regular repertory will be included in the repertoire for this level. Everything is an open game, including Bach, Mozart, and Ginastera. Due to the complexity of the music, 3 to 4 hours must be spent rehearsing every day at a minimum. At this stage, perfecting your artistry is more important than merely memorizing the sounds.

If you have a decent learning resource, it shouldn’t take you more than a few months to master the fundamentals so you can perform simple, well-known songs. But it will require much more from you if you want to establish a firm base before developing into an intermediate or advanced player. Nevertheless, within three to five years, you can become an excellent pianist with the help of a decent teacher and consistent practice.

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Summing Up

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