Difference Between Keyboard and Digital Piano

It might be hard to choose between a digital piano and a keyboard when buying a new musical instrument, especially for playing the piano. Although having similar appearances, these instruments have distinctive qualities that can affect how they sound and function.

While learning the piano, most individuals will purchase a digital piano or a keyboard due to the high cost and quantity of room required. “Digital piano” and “keyboard” are frequently used interchangeably. The fact that there are notable distinctions between digital or electronic pianos and keyboards is something that many people are unaware of. We’ll go through some of the variations and what they mean for the kind of music that each instrument may create. Then, when the time comes for you to purchase a keyboard or piano, you may be informed appropriately.

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Digital Piano

Technically speaking, an acoustic piano is a stringed instrument with tiny internal hammers that operate the keys. On the other hand, a digital piano aims to replicate the sound and feel of an acoustic piano. However, most digital pianos use generated sounds or layered recordings from an acoustic piano instead of hammers striking strings. To maintain the classy appearance of an acoustic piano, some digital pianos are even mounted on consoles.

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Comparatively speaking, keyboards are more portable than digital pianos. They often feature 61 or 78 keys instead of 88 and are frequently lightweight. Although they are more straightforward for smaller hands because the keys are typically semi-weighted or unweighted, electronic pianos are far from an acoustic piano in feel. Also, compared to digital pianos, keyboards frequently feature many more sounds.

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Sound Quality

The sound quality of a digital piano and a keyboard is among the most significant distinctions. Digital pianos are designed to replicate the sound of an acoustic piano using samples or modeling technology. They often have weighted keys and a more extensive range of touch sensitivity, which allows players to produce a more expressive and nuanced sound.

On the other hand, keyboards typically have fewer keys and lack the weighted action of a digital piano. This means that the sound quality may be less realistic, and the range of touch sensitivity may be more limited. However, keyboards often have a more comprehensive range of sound options, including synthesizer sounds and other digital effects.

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What value do you place on portability? Do you have enough room for an instrument? A keyboard is better if you plan to move your instrument about a lot more than a digital piano. Keyboards are portable and simply mountable on most stands. Digital pianos are frequently heavier, have a built-in stand that might be cumbersome to carry, or are so heavy that you require a stand that is adequately rated to hold securely. You shouldn’t place your instrument on a weak stand!

Nothing, if you have enough room, finishes a room like a piano. A digital piano is a beautiful addition that gives a living space a sense of solidity and ease without taking up too much space like an acoustic piano can. On the other hand, keyboards can easily fit in almost any location, making them the ideal option if you don’t have much space.

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Capabilities and functionality

Keyboards and digital pianos have different characteristics and functionalities. Digital pianos frequently have fewer functions overall and are designed primarily to mimic the sound and feel of an acoustic piano. They might feature headphone connectors, recording options, and built-in metronomes for silent practice, but they often need to have the extensive range of sounds and effects that keyboards offer.

Conversely, keyboards frequently offer a greater variety of capabilities and functionality, such as drumbeats, synthesizer sounds, and other digital effects. Moreover, they might contain MIDI connectivity, built-in speakers, and audio inputs, which enables them to be used as a controller for other digital instruments or software.

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Touch Quality.

Keys on digital pianos often have the same weight and width as those acoustic pianos. This function is fantastic if you want to develop your finger strength at home to perform on an acoustic piano at recitals or other occasions. In addition, you can transfer your skills more readily from a digital piano to an acoustic piano than from a keyboard to an acoustic piano.

However, since many young toddlers are still developing their motor skills, playing with heavy keys can take more work. On the other hand, a small child may find it easier to compose music because a keyboard is so simple.


Price should be considered when choosing between a digital piano and a keyboard. If they feature a full-sized keyboard, weighted action, and a realistic sound, digital pianos are frequently more expensive than keyboards.  But when you visit The Piano Gallery for buy piano, you can get excellent discount on digital piano. On the other hand, dedicated piano players could be a worthy investment because they are frequently made to last.

As opposed to digital pianos, keyboards are frequently less expensive, especially if they have a smaller keyboard and fewer capabilities. As a result, they might be a decent choice for musicians who are just starting or want a more adaptable instrument without breaking the wallet.

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