Baby Grand Piano vs Grand Piano

Before investing in pianos, you have to take several factors into account. Today’s market offers various pianos in size, length, and price. Grand pianos are pianos with extended chords and horizontal strings. These pianos range in size from 5 to 9 feet. We further subdivide this category based on the piano’s size.

  • Concert Grand (7- 9 feet)
  • Grand Boudoir (5- 7 feett)
  • Baby Grand Piano (less than 5 feet)

The standard size of a Grand Piano is 5-7 feet. However, Baby Grand Pianos are the smaller versions of these Grand Pianos. The size difference between these two pianos is significant. Because concert pianos are much larger, professionals use this type of piano in events. People generally seek more practical and smaller pianos and frequently need clarification on which pianos to purchase. Here are the main differences between a grand piano and a baby grand piano.

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The size of a grand piano, significantly impacts its sound and performance, so it is divided into different categories. The baby grand piano is the smallest and is from 4’5″ to 5’8″. The largest are concert grand pianos, ranging from 8’11” to over 9 feet. Since the 88-key keyboard became the industry standard in the 1880s, almost all pianos have 88 keys. Therefore, the width measurements for various grand piano types do not differ significantly. The distance from the keyboard to the tail’s tip serves as a measurement for size. The strings get longer, and the space where the sound reverberates increases greater when the piano gets bigger, creating a better sound

Sound Difference

The main distinction between a grand and a baby grand piano is the length. On the other hand, the size of a grand piano can affect its overall tone. Despite sounding similar to good grand pianos, the best baby grand pianos have a smaller volume and sharper overtones. Conversely, longer grand pianos have a broader, richer sound with more balanced overtones. Grand pianos, ideal for larger venues, may also produce loudness and strong sound than smaller baby grand pianos.

The range of volume a grand piano can create increases with size. A concert grand piano’s larger strings enable it to be played both louder and softer than a baby grand piano. Larger grand pianos, nevertheless, also need more room to generate the proper resonance. A baby grand piano may fill a tiny area with full resonance instead of a concert grand piano, which may overwhelm it.

Richer and more even tones are frequently produced by grand pianos with longer strings. To provide a broader and richer sound, larger grand pianos also generate more overtones than smaller grand pianos.

Smaller grand pianos may produce slightly sharp or flat overtones, while larger grand pianos will have more harmony between octaves. Baby grand piano timbre can also change with dynamics or octaves. While some pianists favor the concert grand piano’s pure tonal quality, others value the distinctive voice of smaller grand pianos.

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The key action affecting playability is another area where baby grand and grand pianos may vary. This is directly related to how long the piano’s strings are. Longer keys and more giant hammers can be found on concert grand pianos. The hammer strikes the string when a note is played, creating an audible result. The key action will be better with a longer key and hammer combination, providing the pianist more control over the dynamics of each note they play. Conversely, the ability to manipulate the dynamics of the notes is slightly lessened when playing on a baby grand piano, which has shorter strings, hammers, and keys.

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The cost or price is the primary determinant in choosing the type of piano to purchase. Baby Grand Piano is the best option for an inexpensive and practical piano. The range of prices starts at $3000 and can reach $8000. In contrast, the cost of a grand piano can range from $50,000 to $80,000, depending on the size and condition of the instrument.

One can select the right piano for them by remembering all these things. While making this purchase, adding elements like maintenance, the warranty’s duration, and the guarantee is essential. Baby grand pianos are the greatest option for someone just starting, but a grand piano is best if a professional wants to purchase it because it will be a wise long-term investment.

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