10 Top Reasons to Play Piano?

To master the Piano, you must learn the art and take good care of your instrument. 

We all want to enjoy our pianos for a long time. To keep the Piano sounding like the fine musical instrument it is, it must be maintained. Regular piano care is essential for a piano’s longevity. Also, taking care of the piano stool is necessary for comfort while playing Piano. 10 Top Reasons to Play Piano.

The task of cleaning and maintaining your Piano may be tedious for some, but it can be enjoyable for others. In Piano books, you would get some best piano caring tips. But if you don’t have any piano books, here are seven important piano care tips for piano owners and lovers everywhere.

Keys Must Be Clean

 Taking care of your keys can accumulate dust, dirt, and oil. But don’t worry, you don’t need to hire a pro. Anyone can clean their piano keys!

When cleaning ivory and plastic keys, it is important to remember that they are cleaned in different ways. Plastic keys should be cleaned with filtered water and white vinegar. To clean ivory keys, add dish soap to warm water and a bit of dish detergent.

  1. Stay Tuned

It is suggested that you tune your piano every six months. But is it required for instrument care? Yes, resoundingly. Regular tuning can help prevent piano damage. Read here How To Protect Your Piano From Weather Change

The right tension in the strings of the Piano is vital to its overall health. These delicate parts work together to reduce the risk of damage. They are also very costly to repair, so tuning your Piano regularly keeps both your instrument and your wallet happy.

  1. Keep Your Instrument in Order

However, even with regular piano tuning, you may notice some degradation in your Piano’s performance. The regulation covers the Piano’s mechanical parts servicing that allows the strings to play the notes. It’s also adjusting the dimensions to account for changes in the wood and wool parts due to humidity. You and your technician can decide how often your Piano should be serviced based on its use and temperature.

  1. Piano Voice Regularly

To change the quality of the tone of your Piano, you need to voice it. It’s like adjusting the treble and bass on a stereo. While tuning is simple, voicing your Piano can be a bit more involved. Tuning refers to the note’s pitch, while voicing refers to the tone.

  1. Keep Temperature Consistent

Temperature and humidity are vital for piano care. So, where you put your Piano is very important. Felt, cloth, leather, and wood are all sensitive to humidity. If your Piano is valuable, you may want to install a damp chaser, a humidifier designed specifically for the Piano.

  1. Allow It to Breathe

The wrong type of ventilation can harm your Piano. Place your Piano with care. It is ideal to have good ventilation from all sides. The Piano can be placed in the room’s center or against a wall separating two rooms. Natural ventilation is unpredictable, so avoid placing the Piano near an exterior wall or window. The Piano Gallery is the biggest piano store in Dubai providing you with more information and assistance in piano tuning, voicing, regulation, and other piano adjustment services, also provides assistance to buy piano. The Piano Gallery provides expert piano repair, maintenance, and restoration in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah UAE.


Taking good care of your Piano and maintaining it properly is the best way to achieve a great sound. Because pianos are usually expensive to buy, it’s best to check them regularly to avoid costly piano repairs. Not to mention the importance of piano placement and cleaning. So, take care of your Piano and enjoy it for many years!


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